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civil rights law book

What Are Civil Rights Violations?

Civil rights are the rights that citizens of a state or nation get to give them political and social freedom and equality. The rights protect individuals from infringement from the government, social organizations, and other

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employment discrimination

Can I File a Claim for Employment Discrimination in NM?

Discrimination is ravaging America’s employment sphere. Many employers treat some employees differently based on sex, race, and other criteria, termed employment discrimination. Work colleagues aren’t left out either. Instead, inspired by the employer, employees discriminate

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Albuquerque assault

Police Arrest Man in Albuquerque Assault

A woman was flown to a burn center in Texas after her roommate allegedly set her on fire in their Albuquerque home off West Central. The Albuquerque assault happened on Friday, September 24th. 39-year-old Lawrence

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