Motorcyclist Hospitalized Following Albuquerque Auto-Motorcycle Collision

A motorcyclist ended up in the hospital and is in critical condition following an Albuquerque auto-motorcycle collision. The accident happened in the northeast part of the city on Sunday night, October 3rd. Speed may have factored in the accident. 

According to the Albuquerque Police Department, the collision occurred at about 7 p.m. on San Mateo Boulevard and Lumber Avenue. The preliminary investigation revealed that a motorcyclist was traveling westbound on Lumber Avenue from San Mateo. Simultaneously, a four-door Mercedes sedan exited a parking lot and turned eastbound on Lumber Avenue.

The police said the Mercedes driver entered the front of the motorcyclist, who crashed into it, and was ejected onto the roadway. The investigators added that a semi-truck with an attached trailer parked on Lumbar Avenue may have contributed to a decreased field of view for both the motorcyclist and Mercedes.

The motorcycle rider sustained severe injuries and received treatment at the University of New Mexico Hospital. The driver of the Mercedes and a passenger did not suffer any injury from the crash. They remained at the scene, where officers interviewed them. 

The police said the motorcyclist’s speed may have played a role in the accident. The investigation into the Albuquerque auto-motorcycle collision is ongoing. 

Auto-motorcycle collisions are quite common and have devastating consequences. Collisions of this nature often affect motorcyclists, and they either suffer severe injuries or fatal ones. Under New Mexico law, a victim of an auto-motorcycle accident can get compensation from the party at fault. This competition covers monetary and non-monetary losses, and where there’s evidence of gross negligence, punitive damages. 

To succeed in an injury claim, the victim needs to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Albuquerque, and this is what you get when you contact us at FBD Law. We offer free representation. 


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