Man Charged with Murder over Albuquerque Deadly Shooting

A twenty-six-year-old man was charged with first-degree murder as the result of the Albuquerque deadly shooting of thirty-six-year-old Elizabeth Martinez.

On November 19, Bernalillo County Communications received a 911 call of a shooting that occurred at a residence on Franciscan Street in northern Albuquerque. When the police arrived at the address, they saw several bullet holes on the site of the home. According to BCSO, when the deputies entered the home, they found the woman dead from an obvious gunshot wound. 

After a meticulous investigation, homicide detectives charged Christopher Montoya with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. Montoya has a lengthy criminal history of charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, receiving a stolen firearm, aggravated DWI, many domestic violence charges, multiple trafficking and possession of controlled substances changes, and multiple probation violations according to the news release.

Subsequently, Montoya was charged with first-degree murder involving the Albuquerque deadly shooting, said Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III.

First-degree murder is the most serious type of homicide in New Mexico. Defined as the killing of another human being through a deliberate, willful, and premeditated act, first-degree murder brings severe punishments. 

Without a solid criminal defense, the defendant stands no chance in court. First-degree murder is punished with life imprisonment without parole. 

The consequences are serious. New Mexico abolished the death penalty in 2009, so you can see how severe the punishments used to be. Unless it was done as self-defense, a first-degree murder will rarely result in a not guilty verdict from the jury.

If you or a person close to you committed such a crime, you should seek legal representation as soon as possible. Defending yourself is not a good idea, no matter how well prepared you believe you are. Contact one of our New Mexico criminal defense lawyers right away; we’ll do our best to create the strongest defense for you.


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