Albuquerque Police and Civilian Crash At Intersection of San Mateo and Osuna

The Albuquerque police responded to a crash that happened on Saturday resulting in injuries. The crash occurred at the intersection of San Mateo and Osuna and according to the officials, it involved a marked APD vehicle and a civilian vehicle. The Albuquerque police say the APD vehicle was going northbound on San Mateo and the other vehicle was heading eastbound onto Osuna from southbound San Mateo. As the civilian vehicle turned eastbound, the APD vehicle hit it.

The drivers were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. The police continue to investigate the crash.

After an accident no matter how minor it was it’s important to call the police and report it. Even though many people believe that it’s better to settle the whole thing at the scene, it’s a smart idea to call the police and then inform your insurance company.

Even if the amount of money the other side is trying to offer to settle the crash may sound reasonable, you can never be sure if your minor injuries aren’t going to cause you further health problems. Also, if your car appears to be just a bit damaged, it doesn’t mean that the reparation costs aren’t going to be high.

Also, don’t forget to consult a car accident lawyer who will review your case and tell you what you can expect from the further process. Sometimes people may end up with a much higher settlement than they thought. Don’t let you be the reason for not getting a suitable claim.

If you have any problems after a car accident, or simply want to be sure what steps you need to take, our attorneys at FBD Law are here to help you. Call today and schedule your first consultation claim.


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