Albuquerque Shooting: Two People Shot, One Dead, One in Custody

Albuquerque police are trying to discover the circumstances of a shooting in which one person was killed, another was wounded and a third person was taken into custody. 

It wasn’t instantly clear how exactly the person in custody was involved in the Albuquerque shooting, the police reported on Tuesday.

So far the police haven’t released any other information about the incident nor the identity of the people involved in the shooting.

Being injured in a shooting is a serious and life-changing event. Not only the physical injuries can be challenging for treatments, but the psychological trauma afterward may last for life.

Shooting can happen in the midst of a fiery argument when people don’t think clearly and even if they don’t have the intention to kill or injure another person.

However, shooting and killing a person is considered as the harshest form of crime. 

Felony murder applies when someone commits a certain kind of felony and another person dies in the course of it. It isn’t important if the death was intentional or accidental; the defendant is responsible for it. 

If a person gets arrested for shooting, they should know that without a suitable crime defense attorney, they stand very low chances to come out of it with milder punishments.

If you have been involved in similar circumstances, make sure you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The sooner the lawyer reviews your case the better. You will need a very strong defense, otherwise, you will face harsh penalties such as prison time and financial fines. 

Our team at FBD Law is here to help you. We will review your case and offer you guidance in the next steps. Let us speak on your behalf in court. Contact our office today.

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