Albuquerque Criminal Appeals Lawyer

The lawyers at Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward, P.A. handle cases from the beginning to the end, and that includes appeals in state and federal courts, in military courts, and in international tribunals. We have handled criminal appeals in the United States Supreme Court, most of the federal appellate courts around the country, in the Court of Appeals for the Army, and state cases in other jurisdictions including North Dakota, New York, and Texas. We also handle appeals from administrative cases such as professional licensing boards and security clearances. Vincent Ward, Josh Ewing, Chris Dodd, and Nancy Hollander have extensive experience writing and arguing appeals from different jurisdictions.

Appeals are time-consuming and often expensive for the client. We will first review your case file to determine any grounds for appeal. Even this can be expensive if the file is extensive. We will tell you honestly which grounds might have merit before continuing so you can decide. No appeal is ever a sure winner. If a lawyer guarantees that he or she can win an appeal, you should find another lawyer.

If a case is lost in the first appeal, you may have grounds to go to the next court or even to the United States Supreme Court. If a case has been lost everywhere, the client might consider hiring us to file a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. One never knows what the outcome will be until all appeals that have merit have been heard. We have handled habeas corpus petitions throughout the country in state and federal courts and even for a prisoner held in the Guantanamo Prison. Habeas cases are rarely successful, however, and the client needs to know that.

Remember that all appeals have time limits and usually must be filed soon after a judgment of guilty. Whether we tried your case, or another lawyer tried your case, it is a decision that must be made quickly.

If we tried your case and you were found guilty, we will honestly tell you which grounds you might have for appeal. If another lawyer tried your case, we will need to review the file before we can tell you whether your case has grounds for an appeal. Immediately after you lose the case, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer who handles appeals. Contact FBD Law today at (505) 305-1263.

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