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Licensed professionals invest years, thousands of dollars, and a ton of effort to earn their titles, professional licenses, and the trust of the people they help. But regardless of your area of specialty or your title, you remain subject to strict standards and oversight, not to mention the risk of disciplinary action. The repercussions of criminal prosecution, substance abuse, or misconduct allegations can last far beyond any penalties. You risk losing your license, livelihood, and reputation.

FBD Law recognizes and appreciates the tireless effort it took to get your professional license and will put their years of experience to work to protect your reputation, license, and all you’ve accomplished. FBD lawyers provide expert professional license defense to nurses, doctors, pharmacists, accountants, and other licensed professionals. We have experience negotiating with the professional boards and their lawyers, trying cases before the boards, and appealing cases.

If you have received a notice from your licensing and regulatory agency that your license is under investigation, or you suspect your license and livelihood could be in jeopardy, you need to contact a lawyer experienced in dealing with professional boards. When you entrust your case to an Albuquerque professional license defense lawyer at FBD Law, you can rest assured that your lawyer will do everything possible to protect your license, assets, career, and reputation. Call us at (505) 305-1263 for a free initial consultation.

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Impact of Criminal Convictions or Substance Abuse on Professional License

Maybe you engaged in substance abuse a while back. Or you caught a couple of DUI’s. Maybe you engaged in a breach of duty. Maybe you were misguided and made a mistake, but now you’ve turned over a new leaf and have things under control. When it comes to professionals in New Mexico, however, even if you made a plea agreement, the consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating. They can haunt you – quite possibly for the rest of your career.

Any criminal conviction or substance abuse may trigger your licensing agency or board’s notification. Certain professions require you to report a conviction to your licensing authority. In some cases, you may even have to report an arrest or investigation.

Disciplinary measures from the licensing board can include:

  • License suspension or revocation
  • Warning letter
  • Citation
  • Diversion program
  • Random drug screens
  • Practice supervision and restrictions
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Mandatory substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation, and education

Contact an an Albuquerque professional license defense lawyer at FBD Law to protect your livelihood.

Besides being disciplined by the board, you could face other consequences.

  • Getting insurance could become difficult or expensive to renew.
  • You could be removed from an insurance service provider’s list or have your privileges revoked.
  • Your reputation could be damaged because criminal convictions and disciplinary actions become public record.
  • You could be prevented from practicing your profession in other states without disclosing prior criminal convictions and license discipline.

Professional Licenses We Defend

If you are a professional licensee and face a criminal proceeding or have been treated for substance abuse, or are being investigated for any reason, talk to an experienced Albuquerque professional license defense lawyer to discuss your reporting requirements and protect your freedom and license. With the potential for reputational damage, tremendous penalties, and possible career-ending outcomes, criminal arrests and convictions and other licensure issues demand experienced attorneys’ guidance and expertise. We help professionals at risk of losing their licenses in the following fields:

At FBD Law, we leverage our experience and resources to protect the licenses and livelihood of professionals who stand to lose everything. With so much invested in your career as a professional, disciplinary hearings can cause irreparable harm and even end your career!

Our Albuquerque professional license defense lawyers are familiar with all professional licenses in New Mexico. They can represent you before a range of licensing and regulatory authorities, committees, and disciplinary boards across New Mexico.

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