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employment discrimination

Can I File a Claim for Employment Discrimination in NM?

Discrimination is ravaging America’s employment sphere. Many employers treat some employees differently based on sex, race, and other criteria, termed employment discrimination. Work colleagues aren’t left out either. Instead, inspired by the employer, employees discriminate

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employment agreement

Can I Renegotiate My Employment Agreement?

An employment agreement isn’t the most straightforward contract to amend. However, many times, renegotiating an employment contract becomes necessary for you. This need could be because the contractual terms no longer serve the parties’ intentions.

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death-car accident

Is New Mexico a Fault-Based Accident State?

Fault is a significant issue in auto accidents around the United States, and fault-based systems are pretty common. This concept decides many things after a car crash. Primarily, it determines who will receive compensation and

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Is Spanking Your Child Legal in New Mexico?

Spanking or corporal punishment is a discipline method where a person administers pain on a child without causing injury, with the intention to modify the child’s behavior. Some forms of corporal punishment include hitting the

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