17-Year-Old Boy Scout Killed in New Mexico Snow Cave Collapse

A teenage boy scout was killed in a New Mexico snow cave collapse on January 9. The boy scout killed in the camping accident was 17 years old. 

Josh Miko from Los Alamos was camping with other boy scouts in Rio Grande National Forest when the accident happened. He was building a snow cave, and after it collapsed, the boy was trapped inside, said a spokesperson for the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office.

Miko was dug out by the other scouts and adult supervisors who were nearby at a campfire. He was pronounced dead after he was taken to a local hospital in Chama. 

Miko was a student at Los Alamos High School. 

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Source: https://people.com/human-interest/17-year-old-boy-scout-killed-in-camping-accident-after-snow-cave-collapses-in-new-mexico/

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