Clovis Crash Kills Resident

The police are investigating a fatal Clovis crash that happened at an apartment complex near Martin Luther King and Llano Estacado Boulevard on Saturday night. According to the officers a Ford Fusion drove through the wall of an apartment; the wreck happened around 11 p.m.

The car stopped in a bedroom, hitting and fatally injuring seventy-four-year-old Gillian Sweeney. The police still have not released the identity of the twenty-one-year-old driver involved in this Clovis crash. The Clovis Police department Major Crush Team is still investigating the accident.

Some of the most unusual accidents turn out to be quite simple for determining fault. In cases like this one, it’s clear that the driver lost control over their car (due to alcohol, drugs, speeding or negligence). In such a case they will face charges and very likely will end up in jail. If you were injured in a similar accident it’s essential to seek a compensation claim for your injuries.

Losing a loved one in an accident is another case where you should get legal help and file for a compensation claim. Things are not easy, but you must remain gathered and think of your future. Covering your lost wages, medical bills, future expenses, loss of ability to earn, or covering future expenses after losing a loved one is something you must think about.

No matter how clear the at-fault part is, the insurance company won’t eagerly just give you the money. You will need a good car accident attorney to take care of the whole thing. Many people don’t know that they can negotiate with the insurers, which leads to accepting lower amounts that may not be enough to cover all accident-related expenses.

Call our team at FBD Law and let us help you get the compensation claim you deserve.


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