Common Road Hazards That Lead to Auto Accidents

Not all auto accidents happen because of speeding, alcohol, or distractions. Sometimes they can happen because of common road hazards. More than half of the deaths in car accidents happened because of challenging roadway conditions, according to Infrastructure USA.

Many roadway hazards occur in areas where there is ongoing roadway construction. Road hazards are also common in areas that have been forgotten by municipalities and agencies responsible for roadway repair.

If you end up in an accident that was caused by common road hazards and you wonder what you should do next (filing a lawsuit, seeking a settlement) please contact an Albuquerque car accident attorney for more info.

What Are Common Road Hazards 

Not all road hazards are uncontrollable; these conditions include wet roads during rainy days and icy road during the winter, debris from accidents and storms. Some road hazards occur due to defects that can be controlled by federal or state governmental agencies. Common road hazards that are controllable and dangerous that can cause motor vehicle accidents to include:

Defective design – Defective road and highway design can be the reason for motor vehicle accidents. If roads don’t have proper drainage, water can build up on the surface of the road and will put a higher risk of hydroplaning. Defective road design can cause curves, dangerous holes, and slopes. Defective road design can lead to more vehicle wrecks that can be the reason for pedestrian deaths as well.

Poor road maintenance – If roads aren’t properly maintained, cracks and potholes cracks will develop on the surface of the road. When a vehicle hits a pothole, the risk of blowing out a tire or losing control over the vehicle is high. Besides that, roads should have properly maintained traffic signs and signals, painted markers on the roads, and guardrails.

Roadside obstacles Placing signs, utility poles, and other roadside obstacles increase the risk of accidents by blocking or the driver’s view. It’s important that roadside vegetation is properly trimmed so the driver’s view is entirely clear.

Construction and Work ZonesIf there are work zones or road constructions, there have to be precautions in these areas. Proper warnings and signage should warn drivers of potential dangers. Chances are there will be barriers and machinery blocking or partially blocking traffic; these too can contribute to auto accidents. If the contractor uses materials with low quality or performs substandard work can increase the risk of an accident.

Why Do Roads Decay?

A road usually lasts for about 20 years. After constant use of the road for two decades (including exposure to the elements) repairs on a road won’t do a lot. To fix a defective road, it should be ripped apart and resurfaced. Roads decay mainly because governments aren’t keeping up with the deteriorating infrastructure’s maintenance needs.

How To Protect Yourself from Deteriorating Roads?

You can protect yourself from common road hazards by driving carefully and looking out for common signs that the road surface needs repair. These signs of a dangerous road may be obvious, and noticing even one of them can be enough to avoid a serious accident.

Here are some of the most common signs of a deteriorated road:

  • Faded areas of pavement
  • Rough pavement
  • Potholes
  • Cracks
  • Faded road paint
  • Uneven lanes
  • Tire grooves

Can You Sue a Government Agency If You Ended in an Accident Because of Road Hazards or Conditions?

The simple answer is yes, you can. In some cases, a government agency may be responsible for damages in an auto accident caused by common road hazards or dangerous road conditions. These types of lawsuits are quite complex and challenging to prove. If you believe your accident happened because of any type of road hazard such as poor design, poor maintenance, faded areas of pavement, and so on, the best thing you can do is contact an auto accident attorney.

You may be entitled to get a compensation claim for your injuries, damages, and losses. These processes may be lengthy, complex, and difficult, but don’t give up. You should consult a skilled and experienced attorney. Going into the process alone may end without you getting a settlement.

Your lawyer will seek the liable agency for the accident damages in your case. The responsible parties may be the owner of a road where the accident happened, but also construction companies, or a government entity.

Our team at FBD Law is here to offer you the help you need; call our office today and schedule your first consultation.

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