Compensation Claims for Anxiety After a Car Accident

Is anxiety something you can claim for after a car accident? Whenever someone gets injured in a car accident and seeks a compensation claim, they will get a settlement. This settlement should cover the medical bills for the injuries you have suffered. And while the first things that people get medical help for are their physical injuries

However, physical injuries aren’t the only thing people suffer from auto accidents. Pain and suffering in the form of anxiety and trauma are very much possible. So if the crash affected your anxiety, you may get compensation for it.

New Mexico personal injury attorney can help you understand the process and can help you get your compensation claim.

Damages After a Car Accident

The economic damages will cover the property damages, medical bills, and lost wages. The non-economic damages are measured by your pain and suffering and suffering and emotional distress.

These damages include the anxiety that you are experiencing; you may get money for pain and suffering but also the distress after the accident. Anxiety is a mental trauma that may appear for some time after the accident. The traumas can come in various forms: fear, panic, insomnia, fear of driving again. Anxiety is real and can severely affect the quality of your life.

Can You Make a Claim for Anxiety After a Car Accident?

Emotional trauma shouldn’t be neglected since it can affect you just as the same as physical injury. The fact that it’s not visible like a physical injury doesn’t mean that it won’t affect you. Keep in mind that you can get a claim for anything that impacts you as a result of the accident.

But, this doesn’t mean that you’re automatically entitled to a claim for your anxiety. You will have to prove and show that the anxiety happened after the accident. This is the only way to get a claim. You can back up this by proving that you deserve compensation for your psychological trauma after the crash. Psychiatrists and psychologists can help you immensely to prove this. You can also show documentation such as medical reports by your psychologists.

How Much Can You Collect?

The amount you receive will depend on your unique case. In most cases, a personal injury attorney can help you to prove your condition.

The anxiety may prevent you from traveling by car or another vehicle, which could affect your commute to work and other places.

But besides that, this may prevent you from enjoying life in general.

The compensation for these damages might be paid in a settlement or a jury verdict; it will depend on whether the other party’s insurance company agrees to settle for an acceptable amount or your lawyer suggests going to trial to get a higher amount.

You may be paid for the time you missed work and lost wages in the future. In cases of extreme anxiety, you might not be able to work at all. It can be so crippling that it can prevent you from leaving the house. If it affects your fear of riding and keeps you scared to drive to work, it may be factored into the calculation of your damages. Usually, the lost wages are the biggest part of the compensation claim after the accident.

Getting legal assistance from a personal injury attorney is a great way to start this process. They will review your case and will give you an idea of how much your car accident anxiety is worth (just this part, without the part of the claim that covers the economic damages).

But, don’t get too excited, since the insurance company won’t be happy to pay the amount you’re looking for. You don’t have to accept their first low offer.

Get An Attorney

This is the part where your attorney will negotiate till they offer you a reasonable amount. If that doesn’t happen, your attorney may take your case to court. The jury will determine the award in this case.

Let professionals help you with your case. Here at FBD Law, our team is ready to review your case and help you during the process. We are aware that things are complex and challenging for victims of auto accidents. Recovering, dealing with the trauma and anxiety can affect your life in various ways that you didn’t think were possible. Allow us to take care of your case without you stressing over things.

Contact our office today and schedule your very first free consultation.

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