Man Convicted for First-Degree Murder in New Mexico

A man was convicted for first-degree murder in Mexico in relation to the a fatal shooting of another man from Albuquerque in 2017. The New Mexico Supreme Court convicted Yoan Pena Santiesteban on Friday, January 8.

According to a press release from the Administrative Office of the Courts , Santiesteban was sentenced to life in prison including 68-and-a-half years for the murder of Matthew Severinghaus, robbery, and other crimes involving his death and two other killings that happened separately several days earlier. The Supreme Court quit Santiesteban’s 15-year sentence for shooting at a motor vehicle and added a one-year enhancement to his murder sentence since he used a firearm in the crime.

The victim was found in his driveway with his wallet missing and the driver’s side window of his car was broken.

Constitutional double jeopardy protections forbid multiple punishments for a sole offense. Having a strong criminal defense in such cases is crucial. No matter the type of crime the defendant has committed, going into the process without an attorney is risky and can end with severe punishment. 

If you were involved in an incident where you were attacked, robbed, and injured by another person, make sure to get legal assistance as soon as possible. Such cases are complex and always end in court. It’s important to have legal support by your side, in both cases – as a plaintiff and as a defendant.

Criminal charges are a serious thing and can lead to serious consequences. Crimes such as violence, including first-degree murder in New Mexico, fraud, sex crime, white-collar crimes are complex and require a strong defense. 

Our team at FBD Law will review your case. We offer you a free case evaluation. Contact one of our experienced New Mexico criminal defense lawyers today.


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