One Person Severely Injured in Coors and Dellyne Accident

A person ended up with injuries and is in critical condition after a Coors and Dellyne accident on Albuquerque’s West Side on Monday afternoon, April 12. Northbound Coors was closed during the police investigation. 

After an accident, you need to seek legal help and guidance from a skilled and experienced Albuquerque attorney. Even if things seem simple and easy, you shouldn’t go into the process of filing a lawsuit and seeking a compensation claim by yourself. It doesn’t mean that you won’t manage the whole thing, but your attorney knows many things that you don’t. 

For instance, if it’s necessary they would investigate the accident on their own. They could easily get the police report for you and help you write the demand letter. Many people don’t know that the insurance company will work hard to downpay you or deny the claim. You are not obligated to accept the first offer; your attorney will negotiate until you get a decent offer that will cover your medical bills, lost wages, material damages, as well as pain and suffering. 

Many injuries are severe and could change your entire life, as well as future earning ability. This would make things much more challenging for you, especially if you don’t manage to get a suitable compensation claim that should cover you until you are ready to get back to work. We know challenging life is for car accident victims; this is why we offer you the best legal assistance. 

Our team at FBD Law will review your case and will guide you into the process. If you are looking for a skilled New Mexico car accident attorney, allow us to stand by your side; schedule your first consultation today. 


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