Coping with Losing Your Professional License

Having a professional license (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, real estate brokers, etc.) means that you can freely do your job. However, losing it (for whatever reason) means that you’re facing the risk of not being able to work again. It can seriously impact your life. You will face financial issues, challenges to find a new job, problems to support yourself and your family.

Dealing with it can be quite stressful, but there are ways you can keep your license. One of those is to hire an attorney.

If the license was suspended or revoked, your attorney can find ways to proactively deal with the uncertainty that follows.

Get in touch with a New Mexico professional license defense attorney.

What to Do After You Lost Your License

If you’re facing the risk of losing your license or have lost it recently, it’s normal that you’re stressed and anxious and feels various emotions. It’s natural that you worry and feel uncertain about the future.

However, giving in to these emotions won’t bring you anything good. Remember that in some cases where people have lost their licenses, they managed to recover them by taking the right steps.

First of all, you need to talk to your licensed defense attorney and let them review your case.

Prioritize Your Health

Being physically ill is the first thing that will stop you to continue the process that follows. Try to stay healthy and preserve your energy. Depression, anxiety, stress, poor life habits, lack of sleep, and poor diet can only lead to health problems.

Try to establish healthy habits such as exercising, eating a healthy diet, and try to keep your worrying thoughts under control.

Although it seems like an easy thing, seeking comfort in alcohol won’t help. In case you lost your license because of drinking (DUI accident for example) this will certainly not be a good idea. If this is your case, maybe it’s time to seek help, therapy, or other steps that will help you recover.

Look Forward to the Future

Although things now seem as if everything is done and there is no future ahead of you, you will get through it. When you’re in the middle of the problems, everything seems impossible, but this is only a temporary setback.

Feeling overwhelmed is not easy and you surely feel the challenge to see yourself doing well in the future. But, instead of dwelling on the worries, let things settle a bit, allow some time to pass so you can see things clearer.

Although you don’t have your license now, it doesn’t mean you can’t start volunteering, take classes to learn something new, start networking, or join a professional organization that will help you find new job opportunities.

Start the Process of Rehabilitation

Most people want to regain their license and usually, after one to three years in most cases (or specifically as it is dictated in your case) you may seek to Petition for Reinstatement of your professional license. You will want to take steps to show that you are qualified for licensure.

This may include ongoing drug and alcohol treatment, counseling, expungement of any criminal convictions, additional educational endeavors, continued employment, payment of restitution. Also, developing a network of people who can support you or testify in person or write letters about your improvement on your behalf can help you immensely.

Do You Need a Professional License Defense Attorney?

No matter why you have lost your professional license, you can always seek legal advice from a licensed defense attorney. They will review your case and will tell you what you may expect, as well as what steps can be taken to get your license back.

Some people may be investigated by a licensed agency or board. In that case, an experienced attorney should be able to help you retain your license with restrictions. Your lawyer should be able to get your license reinstated after the revocation or suspension (or another way that is suitable for your specific case)

If you’re worried about your license, it’s time to get legal help. Our team at FBD Law will answer every question you have on your first free-of-charge consultation.

We can tell you the steps you might need to take to get the license back and will explain your rights. We’re prepared to represent you at any proceeding or legal hearing at any moment.

Call and schedule your first consultation today.

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