Dog Bite in Socorro County Leads to Fatality

Three escaped dogs led to a dog bite in Socorro County which ended in death for the victim. The owner who lives in Veguita had a sign ‘beware of dogs’ on his fence. The neighbors say that the dogs were vicious and that they were calling the police often. According to Lt. Richard Lopez, they were often responding to these calls but when they would have arrived at the scene, they weren’t able to locate the dogs.

This time, the dog bite in Socorro County was fatal. Lt. Lopez responded to the scene where he found a Jose Ortega, on the ground; he wasn’t responding at all. According to the court documents, the man’s clothes were ripped off and he had bite marks over his entire body. Lt. Lopez stated that dogs were barking nearby. When he approached them he saw that they were very aggressive; Lt. Lopez had to shoot one dog after one animal control officer was struggling with it because of its aggressive and violent nature. The animal control officer had to spray the other dogs to get away from them.

The dog owner Dominic Ribera told the law enforcement that he was watching TV when he heard his dogs barking and he soon heard a human’s voice. This is when he went outside his trailer and found the man on the ground. Ribera considered doing CPR but instead, he poked the victim with a stick and realized that the man was dead. Ribera left the victim outside for hours before he called the police. He stated that he didn’t have a phone, and had to wait for someone with a phone to get to his home.

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