Family of Five Severely Injured in a Crash on I-25

According to investigators, a severe crash on I-25 on the night of November 2 injured a couple and their children. The accident took place near the Algodones exit and happened because of a drunk driver.

Shortly before the accident, witnesses saw a white pick-up speeding, passing cars, and driving aggressively when it hit an SUV, forcing it to roll out of the way. According to witnesses, there was a mother and father inside the vehicle and three young children. Allegedly, the parents were severely injured, but there is no update on their condition. 

The twenty-six-year-old driver, Tyler Casiquito from Jemez Pueblo was arrested for aggravated DUI and felony great bodily harm while driving under the influence. 

Driving under the influence is illegal in all states and New Mexico has harsh penalties for drunk drivers. If you happened to be driving under the influence (without even causing an accident), you will face arrest if a law enforcement officer pulls you over. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test, or field sobriety test, you will instantly get arrested. You can expect a driver’s license suspension and you’ll have to take a blood test.

No matter how much you drank, and if you caused an accident, make sure you seek an attorney. You will need a criminal defense attorney if your drunk driving caused an accident with severe injuries or death of another person.

The last thing you want is to go into this process by yourself. Make sure that your attorney has experience in the area. If you need help from a skilled New Mexico car accident attorney, FBD Law can help you. We’re here to review your case and answer your questions. 


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