Two-Vehicle Collision in Albuquerque Kills Two People

collision in Albuquerque

A collision in Albuquerque claimed the lives of two people. The collision occurred in the northeast part of the city on Sunday night, July 25th. According to the Albuquerque Police Department, speed might have played a role in the accident. The APD responded to the collision in Albuquerque at the intersection of Louisiana Boulevard and […]

What You Need to Know About Criminal Defense Legal Representation

criminal defense

A criminal defense attorney serves as your guide, confidant, and protector. Defense attorneys can be grouped into two fields: a court-appointed attorney, paid by the government, and a private attorney paid by the person who hires them. If you can’t afford an attorney (which is not such a rare case; about 80% of criminal defendants […]

One Dead, One Injured in Shooting in Albuquerque

shooting in Albuquerque

One person was killed and another was wounded in a shooting in Albuquerque. The incident happened early on Saturday. A police officer who was driving through the area was slightly injured, by the glass fragments when a bullet hit their vehicle’s windshield, the police informed. The police haven’t said what motive lies behind the shooting in […]

What You Need to Know About Wage and Hour Laws in New Mexico

wage and hour laws

Looking for a job may be a challenging process, and understanding wage and hour laws are at the heart of expectations. Work experience, knowledge, expectations for your salary, could be some of the greatest concerns for every person who is trying to land a new job. No matter if this is your first job after […]

Albuquerque Police and Civilian Crash At Intersection of San Mateo and Osuna

Albuquerque police

The Albuquerque police responded to a crash that happened on Saturday resulting in injuries. The crash occurred at the intersection of San Mateo and Osuna and according to the officials, it involved a marked APD vehicle and a civilian vehicle. The Albuquerque police say the APD vehicle was going northbound on San Mateo and the other vehicle […]

What You Need to Know About Fourth Amendment Violations

fourth amendment

The constitution grants you certain rights and the more you know about these rights, the more you know how to use them to your benefit. The Fourth Amendment protects people against unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. This is very important if you are under investigation for alleged criminal activity. Knowing your rights puts you […]

Two Men Killed in El Paso in Separate Accidents During 4 July Weekend

killed in El Paso

Two men were killed in El Paso County in separate traffic accidents during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the sheriff’s officials said on Sunday. Both fatal accidents were under investigation on Sunday afternoon by the sheriff’s Special Traffic Investigations Unit. The first fatal accident happened at about 2:45 a.m. on Saturday on Interstate 10 […]

Misdemeanor Crimes by Class and Sentence in New Mexico


When it comes to sentencing, the state of New Mexico divides lower-level crimes into two categories: misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor. If the crime is more serious then it’s considered a felony. Offenses that aren’t crimes (possession of a small amount of marijuana or a traffic violation) don’t lead to a jail sentence but will be […]

New Mexico State Police Officers Involved in Shooting in Santa Fe

New Mexico State Police

The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau got a notification on July 4 2021 about an officer being involved in a shooting in Santa Fe. All New Mexico State Police officers were uninjured; the suspect was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment of their non-life-threatening injuries. On July 4 2021, the investigators of […]

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury-lawyer

Being injured in an accident that happened because of someone else’s fault or negligence can be a traumatizing event. You may be entitled to get a compensation claim, and to do that, you should seek legal help from a personal injury attorney. Personal injury cases can be a real challenge not only for you as […]

Crime Stoppers Seek Info About Severe Accident in Albuquerque

accident in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers are now asking you for any info you might have about a severe accident in Albuquerque that critically injured a child. According to the Crime Stoppers reports on June 7, 2021, around 2 p.m. an accident in Albuquerque between two vehicles occurred at the intersection of Zuni Road and California Street. The […]

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident

hit-and-run-bicycle accident

Cyclists are exposed to a high risk of severe injuries and fatalities, especially in hit-and-run accidents. Even a minor accident can cause the cyclist to end with fractures on their limbs, head injuries, or spinal injuries. The lack of protection (even the helmet can’t do too much if the accident is serious) leads to harsh […]