Man Who Livestreamed Shooting of His Girlfriend, Arrested

New Mexico authorities have arrested a man who livestreamed shooting of two people, including his girlfriend, on Facebook. The police arrested twenty-three-year-old Alejandro Alirez from Las Vegas on November 8 on several charges (first-degree murder, aggravated assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, and shooting at an occupied building). 

According to the New Mexico State Police, Alirez shot both his girlfriend, thirty-three-year-old Cristal Cervantes, and her grandfather, eighty-nine-year-old Victor Cervantes, in their Las Vegas home. The woman died at the scene. 

San Miguel County Sheriff’s deputies responded after a call by Alirez’s mother who said her son was acting “furious” and had a handgun at the Cervantes’ home. When the officers arrived at the scene, the suspect fired shots at the deputies, but thankfully no one was injured. Officers then called the New Mexico State Police and the Las Vegas Police Department for backup.

Law enforcement surrounded Ailrez soon after. Police said Alirez had livestreamed part of the assault on Cristal Cervantes and her grandfather on Facebook. In the footage, Alirez is shown walking around the house with a gun and shooting his girlfriend after being heard saying that he had already killed her grandfather. 

According to the police, Alirez told investigators he shot his girlfriend because she was allegedly allowing people into the residence to assault and molest him in his sleep, and that other children were being molested and he needed to save them.

Being accused of shooting a person is one of the most serious criminal charges someone can face and will always need the intervention of a strong criminal defense lawyer. Shooting at the police is another crime that requires a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Even though the chances that the shooter will go to prison are very high, your attorney will do their best to help you get a milder punishment.

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