New Jersey Suspect Facing Additional Murder Charges in New Mexico

A New Jersey murder suspect is facing additional murder charges in New Mexico after being formally charged with three counts of first-degree murder by the district attorney’s office in Bernalillo County on Friday, March 27.

Sean Lannon is accused of murdering his ex-wife Jennifer Lannon, Matthew Miller and Jesten Meta. He allegedly put the bodies into a car and left it in the Albuquerque airport parking lot, according to arrest warrants affidavits. Lannon is also facing other charges such as two counts of kidnapping, for allegedly luring Miller and Mata to their deaths. 

There is a fourth victim in this case, Randall Apastalon, who was found dead in the vehicle. So far Lannon doesn’t face any charges for Apostalon’s death, but he allegedly confessed to the murder. 

Police say Lannon confessed to killing a total of 15 people in New Mexico but there is yet no official confirmation.

Such crimes are extremely serious and the criminal will face harsh penalties including life-time jail. Even though it’s difficult to say that there are chances to get any other punishment but a prison, still, if you are involved in any type of crime, you should never go to court without a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Not only you don’t stand a chance alone, but you lack the knowledge and experience to defend yourself. No matter how you plead and no matter the final outcome, an attorney in such cases is a must.

If you face murder charges in New Mexico, be sure to call a criminal defense attorney as soon as you get arrested. No matter what crime you did, keep quiet and don’t answer anything before your lawyer arrives. You have the right to remain silent. Remember anything you say may be used against you in court. Your attorney will review your case and will advise you on what to say and how to proceed in the further process.

Our team at FBD Law is here to help you; schedule your first consultation with a New Mexico criminal defense attorney today. 


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