New Mexicans prevail in driver’s license lawsuit

Freedman Boyd Hollander Golberg Urias & Ward attorneys David Urias and Jeremy Farris, along with lawyers from Somos un Pueblo Unido, the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, and the ACLU of New Mexico, have achieved a stipulated order in Coss v. Monforte, a challenge to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division’s regulations governing the issuance of non-REAL ID driver’s licenses and identification cards, including the illegal practices of requiring proof of an “identification number” and not providing adequate due process to applicants who were denied a credential.  The plaintiffs in the lawsuit included senior citizens, immigrants, and homeless New Mexicans who were unlawfully denied a license or ID, which they need to go to work or school, obtain housing, medical care or other necessities.  The court order requires the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and the Motor Vehicles Division to properly implement its two-tiered driver’s license law and take much-needed steps to ensure New Mexicans have easier access to an alternative to the federal REAL ID, as state legislators intended.

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