A New Mexico Attorney Discusses Defensive Driving

As any New Mexico car accident attorney will tell you, driving on our roads can be a dangerous task. It takes one second of distraction or speeding to causing an accident. No matter how careful of a driver you are, you can still end up in a crash because someone else was under the influence, did not stop at the red light, or was distracted by their phone.

Defensive driving can prevent you from injuring yourself and others. The truth is that very few people take defensive driving courses, but such courses can teach you a lot of things. Any New Mexico attorney will inform you that the concept and practice of defensive driving can help you identify and react to different situations and avoid crashes.

What Can I Learn From Defensive Driving?

It’s not that defensive driving techniques will guarantee you that you’ll stay out of an auto accident, but you may find yourself become better in the following:

Become mindful – Defensive driving teaches you to be present at the moment and be aware of everything on the road. Being mindful and avoiding distractions is crucial for driving safely and defensively.

Staying cautious – You may be the most careful and cautious driver, but you cannot control other drivers on the road. The concept of defensive driving involves being cautious that other drivers may be reckless or negligent. It’s a fact that most of us see driving as a routine; we all assume that nothing bad will happen to us while we drive to school or work. Stay safe and drive your car with the assumption that anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

Learn new accident-prevention techniques – If you’re a defensive driver, you can see the signs of an accident before it happens. This means that you will keep a reasonable distance and pass only when the road is safe, as well as to adapt your speed in areas of high risks. Checking the weather and the road circumstances before you get on the road is another way to learn how to avoid potential risks.

You’ll Learn to Help Others By Being Prepared 

With time, driving becomes a routine. Any New Mexico attorney is well aware that people take it for granted, but driving safely is yours and every driver’s responsibility. Using defensive driving techniques will help you protect yourself and others on the roads in New Mexico.

  • Concentrate on the task at hand – Forget about your phone, setting the AC, or switching radio stations. Your passenger can also distract you while you drive (they may give you things such as snacks, water, etc.). Pay attention to the road and your car. Younger drivers, under the age of twenty, are prone to distractions, mainly by their phones.
  • Expect other drivers to make mistakes – You are only responsible for your driving. Don’t assume that the driver in the next car is sober, or as careful as you are.
  • Don’t speed – Speeding will not take you faster from A to B. The faster you drive, the longer it would take you for you to stop the car. Speeding leads to big impacts in auto accidents. Go with the flow of the traffic and make sure you adapt your speed to the recommended limits.
  • Use safety devices – Vehicles that have safety ratings and more than one airbag are a good choice. If you have kids, get child restraints and seat belt adjusters.
  • Use the seat belt – Those things are there for a reason. Many people were saved by the seat belt in very serious accidents. A seat belt reduces the risk of injury in a collision by 50%. People who forget to use the seat belt are usually under the influence, or younger drivers (teens), or commercial truck drivers.
  • Yield – Yes, there are road rules every driver should follow, but if you aren’t sure about the right way, yield. Even if you’re sure about the right way but notice that another driver disagrees, don’t force things. Simply give up and let them pass. It’s okay to be late than end up in an accident.

Choose a Professional New Mexico Attorney

If you were involved in an accident, (even if it was caused by your fault), you should seek a good attorney that would help you with your case.

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