New Mexico Man Was Unarmed When Killed, Camera Footage Shows

Recent camera footage released by authorities shows that a man from New Mexico that was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy last summer did not have a gun that he claimed to have after committing a crime spree.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday showed images of the fatal shooting of Marco Benito, which confirm that he was unarmed when killed.

Thirty-six-year-old Benito was killed by the police on August 31 after he moved his right hand into a bag while in a canal during a confrontation. San Juan County Sheriff Shane Ferrari informed that Benito told deputies five times that he had a gun.

Sheriff’s deputies said they gave 53 commands for Benito to leave the ditch. Benito told deputies 27 times that he won’t follow their orders.

According to the investigation by the San Juan County Regional Officer-Involved Shooting Taskforce the deputy used his weapon under the sheriff office’s policy.

San Juan County Sheriff’s said that the deputy who shot Benito has returned to his job after being placed on administrative leave.

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