Suspect Dies After Officer-Involved Shooting in Los Lunas

New Mexico State Police were involved in an officer-involved shooting in Los Lunas on the morning of November 19. Chief Robert Thorton said that New Mexico State Police were attempting to handle a traffic stop when suddenly the car took off and started to move in and out of traffic. 

The police began a pursuit but were later called off when the vehicle began to drive in the middle of the road. About ten minutes later, the officers got a call that the suspect was in the middle of the Manzano Expressway, trying to stop the traffic. 

According to Chief Thorton, one of the police officers tried to take the suspect into custody, but he resisted, and during an argument, the man took one of the officers’ guns and was shot.

The State Police provided aid until EMS arrived. Chief Thorton informed that the man was transported to a local hospital in Albuquerque where he later died.

The police will not release the identity of the man until the next of kin is notified. According to Chief Throton, the man had a criminal history including robbery and armed robbery. None of the other officers included in the pursuit were injured. There is no further information for this case and the investigation continues. 

Opening fire on an officer is a serious crime that won’t go unpunished in court. This is why a skilled criminal defense attorney is important. Even if you believe you can handle everything on your own, we suggest you seek legal help once you get arrested.

FBD Law has worked on similar cases and has an experienced team of New Mexico criminal defense lawyers. Our team can review your case and help you with further steps.


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