One Dead after Crash involving an ATV Near Roswell

A two-vehicle collision that involved an ATV near Roswell claimed one life. The accident happened on Tuesday evening, August 10th. A news report revealed that failure to yield might be the primary cause of the accident.

The report stated that the New Mexico State Police revealed that a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) and an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) collided at the intersection of Country Club Road and the Roswell Relief Route. The collision involving the ATV near Roswell happened around 5 p.m. The NMSP said their investigation revealed that an ATV 4-wheeler, operated by Trinidad V. Loya, 76, of Roswell, entered the intersection of Country Club Road and Rosewell Relief Route.

For unknown reasons, the ATV failed to yield, and the southbound commercial motor vehicle on the relief route struck it. The Office of the Medical Investigator pronounced the victim dead at the scene. The CMV driver, a 51-year-old Albuquerque male, was uninjured.

Alcohol does not appear to have factored in the accident. However, the investigation is ongoing, and there’s no additional information at this time.

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. When a vehicle collision happens at an intersection, the liable party is the one who disobeyed the traffic rules. For instance, a driver who runs a red light or fails to stop at a stop sign is responsible for the crash.

In such an instance, the fault party is liable to answer for the injuries and property damage suffered by the victim. The victim can file an insurance claim against the fault party’s auto insurance policy to get compensation. If the claim fails, the victim can file a personal injury lawsuit.

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