Pedestrian Killed in Interstate 25 Crash

A pedestrian was killed in an Interstate 25 crash that shut down the Gibson on-ramp on Sunday afternoon, April 11. The police are investigating the cause of the accident. So far, the victim’s identity is not known. The on-ramp has since reopened. 

A pedestrian accident is very common and often happens because both sides (pedestrians and drivers) fail to follow traffic rules, are negligent or careless. However, sometimes such accidents can happen because the pedestrian is not very visible, especially if they wear dark clothes at night, or cross the street at an unmarked zebra. 

Even though pedestrians often get injured or killed because of reckless drivers who drove under the influence or were speeding, often, such accidents can happen when drivers drive slowly and carefully. Parking lot pedestrian accidents aren’t uncommon. Even though in these cases the pedestrian may end with injuries only, it doesn’t mean that they will go through the recovery process easier.

Even the smallest impact can leave the pedestrian with severe injuries. People who walk on the street have no protection, so even a small moving car can lead to fractures, soft tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries and so on. It takes only a small hit for the person to fall on the ground and injure their head.

In such cases, the pedestrian may be entitled to a compensation claim. Even though they are entitled to compensation, it’s better to seek the claim with the assistance of a car accident attorney. Many people aren’t aware of the legal procedures and don’t know how much they should seek or accept. To avoid potential low offers and end with a small claim that won’t cover your bills, make sure to contact FBD Law. Our team of New Mexico car accident attorneys will review your case and help you get the settlement. 


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