Pre-Existing Condition and Car Accident Compensation

When people get injured in a car accident, there is a chance they have a pre-existing medical condition. For instance, if a person had a back injury or other condition before the accident, the accident can make the condition even worse. In case the pre-existing condition was impacted by the crash, this will help determine how you’re going to be covered for any injuries you suffered.

Pre-existing conditions can increase injuries that occurred in a car accident and lead to a longer recovery. If you had a previous back or neck injury it can be increased in a crash and contribute to your overall condition.

Since cases like these can be complex and you may face a challenge to get your compensation claim, make sure to call a New Mexico personal injury attorney.

Claim For a Pre-existing Condition after a Crash

If you get injured because of another driver’s negligence, you aren’t entitled to get money for the injuries and conditions that weren’t a result of the accident itself. However, you as an injured person may collect compensation for a pre-existing condition to a degree that the crash made this condition worse. This is known as worsening or aggravation of pre-existing conditions. You may be able to get compensation for physical injuries but also mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression.

After the accident, you will likely get questions about a pre-existing condition. Your lawyer will try to determine the degree to which your pre-existing condition was worsened by the accident. The insurance company of the liable driver will try to reduce or deny the compensation, claiming that your injuries didn’t occur because of the accident.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you were suffering from back or neck pain, brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, things may become worse after an accident.

Your back issues because of disc problems can be worsened in a car crash (a whiplash can make things especially painful and complicated. If you had a traumatic brain injury before the accident, a crash can make the pre-existing condition even more challenging.

However, if you are aware of your pre-existing condition, don’t be afraid to seek a compensation claim for your injuries, fearing that you might not get it because you had the condition before.

In numerous cases, victims of auto accidents who got medical treatment for their crash injuries got concrete evidence of their medical history (compared to people who didn’t have a pre-existing condition and haven’t checked their state for a long time).

Determining how much your pre-existing condition was complicated by the accident depends on various factors, including diagnostic studies that were taken prior to and after the accident. Тhe medical records can help in your car accident claims.

Insurance companies will search for ways to offer as little offer as possible. This is why they often check prior medical records to learn if the accident impacted your health anyhow.

Should You Consult a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you had a pre-existing condition before the personal injury that happened as a result of your car accident and fear that your medical bills won’t be covered by the insurance company of the other party, make sure to consult with a personal injury attorney.

They will review your case and during this consultation be honest with them about your pre-existing condition. If you think that the back pain you suffered before could affect your compensation claim settlement, inform your lawyer about this.

The stress after the accident can be on a high level. Dealing with your recovery, medical bills, lost wages, damages to your vehicle can make the whole situation difficult. Stressing over your pre-existing condition and whether or not you’ll be able to get a claim may prolong your recovery both physically and mentally.

Instead of worrying and fear the outcome, collaborating with a personal injury attorney can save you time, nerves and could help you get your claim in the end.

Keep in mind that the other party will have an attorney, and their insurance company will also work with a team of lawyers. You too should have legal assistance that will guide you and advise you on what to do next.

FBD Law personal injury attorneys will answer all your questions. We have a history with such cases and are ready to help you go through the process and get your compensation claim.

Schedule your first consultation free of charge and let us review your case.

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