What Questions To Ask Before Hiring Your Personal Injury Attorney

When hiring a personal injury attorney, there are many things you want to get answers to. Perhaps you didn’t have a chance to talk to an attorney in the past (you didn’t have to).

There are many questions you can ask them (it isn’t right or wrong), so here are several important questions that you can ask your attorney before making the final decision to hire them for your case.

If you were injured in an accident (auto accident, slip, and fall, injury at work) you should hire a New Mexico personal injury attorney.

Have You Worked on Injury Cases Like Mine Before as a Personal Injury Attorney?

It’s important that besides great knowledge, your attorney has experience in similar cases like yours. The bigger the experience, the better your attorney and the firm will handle your case. This means that the outcome will be positive for you (you will get your deserved settlement that will cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs related to the injury).

How Many Personal Injury Cases Have You Taken To Trial and Did They End With Success?

Very often personal injury cases are settled without getting to trial. This is a good thing, especially if the case ends successfully.

However, if you want to be sure in advance, whether your attorney has trial experience, ask them this question. Your attorney shouldn’t hesitate to get to court; in case you don’t get the wanted settlement the case may end in court. This isn’t a bad thing, it simply means you didn’t get the desired result.

How Often We’ll Be In Contact?

If your attorney sends a paralegal to your first consultation is a red flag. Demand to speak to an attorney who will answer every question you have. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak to other staff of the firm. Ask your attorney whether you will be in touch during the process. Your attorney should be willing to come to your home or in the hospital if it’s needed. They should be willing to communicate with you whenever.

How Long Cases Like Mine Take?

Keep in mind that there is no certain answer to such a question because every case is different and your attorney can’t tell you for sure. If you get a precise answer, consider that you came to the wrong place. Some cases may take weeks, months, or even years and the length of the process can’t just be told. Your attorney should be honest with you. Answers such as “your case will take five weeks” is simply a lie or a sign that your attorney has a lack of experience. What’s more important than the length of the process is that your attorney is there for you until the very last day of the process.

Ask for Past Clients References

Your attorney shouldn’t have a problem to show you past clients’ references. If they refuse, you can be sure that something isn’t right. An experienced attorney who has handled hundreds, thousands of cases shouldn’t keep the past clients’ references a secret.

Their website should be transparent and show these references and if that isn’t the case, the personal injury attorney should be able to connect you with current and past clients.

What If I’m Not Content With the Insurance Company Offer?

Your personal injury attorney should explain to you from the very beginning that you aren’t obliged to accept the very first offer that comes from the insurance company. Many people don’t know this and they accept the offer, fearing they won’t get another one. However, if the settlement is too low, your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company until they offer a decent amount.

How Much Will This Cost?

Of course, this is a very important question and you should know from the very beginning how things are. You should know if they will ask for a retainer fee upfront or a contingency fee. Use that number to compare with the numbers you got from other attorneys.

Ask your personal injury attorney if they will seek retainer fees (which for personal injury cases aren’t common). Most firms go with the motto that you don’t own them anything unless they win your case.

If you have more unanswered questions and you need a skilled, dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable personal injury attorney, we’re here for you. Contact us and schedule your first free consultation at FBD Law. Allow us to get you the compensation claim you deserve.

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