Semi-Truck Crash Near Laguna Pueblo Blocks Traffic

A crash near Laguna Pueblo that involved two semi-trucks blocked up the westbound traffic from mile marker 119 to 126 (east of Mesita to Exit 126) on March 12.

So far it’s not known whether there were any injuries or fatalities. The Laguna Police Department is investigating the accident.

Semi-trucks are huge vehicles and if an accident occurs involving one, things might get very complicated. When a car and a semi-truck collide, the smaller vehicle will have harsh damages and severe injuries. The size of the truck adds to the severity of the accident.

If you were a victim of such an accident and suffered serious injuries and damages, you will face high medical bills and other expenses that will affect your budget. You have the right to file a compensation claim and seek a settlement for your damages.

Doing this might be overwhelming for many people, especially if they are in the middle of recovery. Dealing with the legal system and trying to understand the terms and meanings of everything, could be time-consuming. This is why it is best to let a car accident attorney review your case. Seek a lawyer who has a history with accidents that include trucks. 

Here at FBD Law, we know how challenging it is for accident victims to make ends meet after an accident. We’ll do our best to help you get your compensation claim. The insurance company works with a team of attorneys and so should you. When they offer a low settlement at the beginning, you aren’t obliged to accept it. 

Our New Mexico car accident attorneys will negotiate until the offer is satisfying. Keep in mind that besides your medical bills and reparation costs, you’ll have to cover all the lost wages. For any further questions, schedule your first consultation. 


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