One Wounded in Shooting Incident in Albuquerque School Parking Lot

A shooting in Albuquerque at a school parking lot injured one person. The incident occurred on Wednesday, September 1st. The police said an altercation erupted in gunfire at the parking lot of a private Christian school in the northeast part of the city.

The shooting in Albuquerque happened around 12:30 p.m. outside Christ Lutheran School. Police Chief Harold Medina said officers detained multiple people as they searched for the shooter. He added medics took one person to the hospital with a gunshot wound, and they were in stable condition.

The police chief said the incident started when some younger adults came out from the neighboring Sandia High School Campus. When they entered Christ Lutheran parking lot, an argument started, and “somebody” pulled a gun and started firing. Medina said they are trying to identify the shooter and determine where the gun came from. However, he failed to mention whether any persons involved were students at Sandia High or Christ Lutheran.

The incident happened less than a month after a shooting at Washington Middle School near Downtown. The incident led to the death a 13-year-old and, the police charged the shooter with murder. The police identified the suspect in the August 13th shooting as Juan Saucedo Jr., an eighth-grader, and the victim as Bennie Hargrove. The two are classmates, and the incident happened during lunch break. The suspect got the gun from his father’s home.

In New Mexico, it is a felony to shoot a gun at a residence, occupied building, or recklessly. Those arrested for this offense face severe punishment. What stands between them and prison is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. Contact us at FBD Law to learn how our expert criminal defense lawyers can help you and protect your rights.


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