Family of Man Shot Dead by a Park Ranger at Carlsbad Caverns Sues Federal Government

The family of a man who was shot dead by a park ranger at Carlsbad Caverns National park is now suing the ranger and the federal government.

Gage Lorentz from Colorado, was traveling through New Mexico in March when Park Ranger Robert John Mitchell pulled him over for speeding. After a long interaction and arguments, the ranger shot Lorentz who didn’t have any weapons.

A surveillance video shows that it took eight minutes for Mitchel to remove the first aid kit from his truck, and 12 minutes before he performed aid. 

The family is now suing the ranger and the federal government; the lawsuit claims that the ranger violated Lorentz’s constitutional rights by applying excessive force and failing to provide aid, losing critical time that could have saved Lorentz’s life.

The lawsuit also alleges that Mitchell cannot hide behind qualified immunity. This means that the victim’s family will sue him personally, even though he’s a law enforcement officer.

Earlier this year, Eddy County District Attorney Diana Luce ordered that Mitchell would not be criminally charged. 

Facing lawsuits of this type can change your life drastically. If you have shot and killed a person, not only will you face harsh penalties, loss of license for work (depending on your profession) but also, you’ll face a long prison time. No matter what your job is, even if you have qualified immunity, you would have to defend yourself.

This is why you need a strong criminal defense that only an experienced and skilled attorney can provide you with.

If you’re facing a lawsuit after you did a criminal act, hire a New Mexico criminal defense attorney. If you or someone you love was injured by a police officer who used excessive force, contacting an attorney who specializes in police brutality claims is very important.

FBD Law attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and skills you need. Let us review your case and stand by your side.


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