LCPS Superintendent Killed in Pedestrian Accident in Las Cruces

A pedestrian was killed in an accident that happened on the evening of February 25. The woman killed in the pedestrian accident in Las Cruces was identified as Karen Trujillo; she was Las Cruces Public School Superintendent and former New Mexico Public Education Secretary.

Trujillo was hit by a minivan while she was walking her dogs in northeast Las Cruces. According to the police, the woman was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. The driver of the minivan stayed at the scene and was cooperating with the officers. 

Trujillo was a Las Cruces native and worked in the New Mexico Public Education Department for six months. She was removed from her position by the governor for not meeting her expectations. The woman became the interim superintendent for Las Cruces Public Schools in August of 2019. Trujillo graduated from New Mexico State University where she worked for eight years (from 2010 through 2018). 

Police are investigating the pedestrian accident in Las Cruces.

Pedestrian accidents often end in fatalities or harsh injuries due to the lack of protection. Even a small impact may lead to fractures, spine injuries and even traumatic brain injuries. 

If you or your loved one were injured in a pedestrian accident, it’s important to get medical help as soon as possible. Although pedestrians may contribute to the crash, they’re still the fragile party in the crash and have the right to consult a personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit against the driver. Paying for the medical bills won’t be easy when you’re in recovery and can’t go to work.

FBD Law is here to review your case, advise you on the next steps and help you with your claim. We know how hard it is for victims of accidents to return to their normal functioning. 

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