Suspect Dies in an Officer-Involved Shooting in Farmington

A suspect died after an officer-involved shooting in Farmington on Monday afternoon. The shooting occurred on Murray Drive between Bristi Highway and West Main Street.

New Mexico State Police news release says that about 9:23 a.m. the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office got a 911 hang-up call. When the deputies arrived on the scene they met the victim who reported her husband. The man kicked in her door and beat her with a handgun.

New Mexico State Police says the suspect left the home in a green Ford Expedition armed with the handgun. The suspect’s vehicle stopped on Murray Drive in front of a retirement center and then made a barricade around himself.

According to the police, at that time the Sheriff’s Office conducted a felony stop. New Mexico State Police and the Farmington Police Department offered to assist. The law enforcement saw four occupants in the vehicle and a man coming out of the vehicle (he was taken into custody).

A man in the back of the car got into the driver’s seat; a woman then exited the car and was taken into custody. The deputies and officers gave commands to the occupants in the vehicle when deputies saw the right front passenger point a handgun at the driver. Then deputies from the SJCSO, FPD, and NMSP fired at least one shot hitting the male suspect. The male suspect had a handgun and a knife in his lap. He was also fatally injured.

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, and the Farmington Police Department are investigating the shooting in Farmington. No officers were injured.

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