Should You Report A Minor Accident In New Mexico?


When you end up involved in a car accident in New Mexico but there are no major damages or injuries (you caught the bumper of the car in front), you might think that it’s okay if both of you agree that there is no harm done. If you don’t exchange details or report the accident […]

New Mexico State Police Investigating Deadly Crash in Dona Ana County


A two-vehicle accident that occurred on September 10th is still under investigation. The New Mexico State Police are investigating what happened on Interstate 10, near milepost 159 south of Las Cruces. According to the police, a ten-year-old girl died in the crash in Dona Ana County. The investigation indicated that a 2012 Buick passenger car operated by […]

Texas Pastor and Wife Killed in an Accident in Tatum, New Mexico


The Texas pastor and wife killed in an accident in Tatum, New Mexico have been identified. Kenny Comstock, who was an executive pastor of Crossroads Fellowship Church in Odessa, Texas, and his wife Melissa were killed in a two-vehicle accident that occurred on September 24 . The couple’s three children were also in the car, […]

A New Mexico Attorney Discusses Defensive Driving

new mexico attorney

As any New Mexico car accident attorney will tell you, driving on our roads can be a dangerous task. It takes one second of distraction or speeding to causing an accident. No matter how careful of a driver you are, you can still end up in a crash because someone else was under the influence, […]