What Employers Can Do if An Employee Complains About Discrimination or Harassment


If you have faced discrimination at work, you probably feel anxious about it. Making a complaint may seem like a huge step since it would cause workplace tension, government investigations, and even expensive legal battles. If you decide to make the complaint and follow a careful strategy for dealing with it, you can reduce the […]

What You Need to Know About Criminal Harassment and Penalties

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Criminal harassment is a serious offense that can emotionally and mentally hurt a victim. In workplaces, it usually comes from a person with authority such as a boss or supervisor, which makes things complex. Victims fear that if they report the harassment, they’ll lose their job. Often, even if they do report it, they aren’t […]

Can Filing For Bankruptcy Affect My Job or Pursuit for a Job?

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Filing for bankruptcy may be a huge step and something that you worry about. Most people wonder if it will affect their future employment. Can your employer fire you if you have filed for bankruptcy and is it legal to pass over a job applicant because they filed bankruptcy? Your employer might learn about your […]

Las Cruces Employment Law Attorney

Workplaces should be places where people are safe as they earn a living. Unfortunately, some employers subject their workers to unfair and illegal conditions. There are many different forms of unfair and/or discriminatory labor practices used against workers. They include employer retaliation, hour and wage violations, refusing to provide reasonable accommodation, discrimination, denying leave, wrongful […]

Roswell Employment Law Attorney

As workers are going about their daily duties, they should feel safe wherever they happen to be. Sadly, workers are sometimes subjected to illegal and unfair treatment by their employers. Workers have rights, but they may be too scared to speak out because they do not want to face retaliation. Unfair employment practices may lead […]

Taos Employment Law Attorneys

People must feel safe in their workplaces whenever they are going about their business. Sadly, some employers subject their workers to unfair and sometimes illegal working conditions. Unfair and discriminatory labor practices can manifest themselves in many ways. They include wrongfully terminating a contract, discrimination, denying workers leave, violation of working hours, wage violations, and […]

Santa Fe Employment Law Attorney

Everyone should feel safe when they go into their chosen place of work. Unfortunately, workers sometimes find themselves facing illegal or unfair treatment by their employers. There are many forms that unfair labor practices and discrimination can take. These range from harassment to termination on wrongful grounds and beyond. Common examples include refusal of reasonable […]

Rio Rancho Employment Law Attorney

Ideally, the workplace should be an area where people feel safe as they go about their day and earn a living. Unfortunately, some workers are subjected to unfair and illegal conditions by employers. Unfair and discriminatory labor practices against employees often take various forms, including wrongful termination, harassment, employer retaliation, wage and hour violations, refusal […]

Class action filed to secure back pay for female employees

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On Thursday, July 23, 2020, David Freedman (Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward, P.A.) and co-counsel Alexandra Freedman Smith (Law Office of Alexandra Freedman Smith, LLC), were successful in certifying the Class in Pino v. City of Albuquerque, a Collective Action pursuant to the New Mexico Fair Pay for Women Act, to recover back […]

Larissa M. Lozano

Larissa M. Lozano

Larissa M. Lozano practices in the areas of civil rights, sexual violence, law enforcement misconduct, wrongful death, children and youth, employment, medical malpractice, and general civil litigation. Larissa received her Bachelor of Arts with honors in psychology and Spanish from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. For her academic achievement, Larissa was awarded the President’s […]