Teen Student Driver Injures His Mother in Las Cruces Accident

A woman was severely injured in a Las Cruces accident on Saturday evening, March 6. A student driver was involved in the crash. While the woman was teaching her fourteen-year-old son how to drive at her home, she fell over while she was backing out. 

The teenager panicked and stepped on the gas by mistake, running over his mother. The woman is in critical condition and was transported to El Paso hospital. 

If you were involved in a Las Cruces accident, it is best to seek legal help and guidance from a car accident attorney. Even though you can easily file for a compensation claim on your own, it’s better to go into the process with a skilled attorney. Dealing with insurance companies and their low offers can be challenging and many people aren’t aware that they don’t have to accept any offer. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurers until they offer a suitable claim. If that doesn’t happen, the case can be taken to court.

Not getting a suitable claim can make it tough for you especially if you suffered severe injuries and harsh damages. Recovering and not being able to work will lead to lost wages and you’ll have to pay for your medical bills sooner or later. 

Not getting the right amount of your settlement means that you will have to pay these expenses with your own money.

Our mission is to help our clients get a sufficient compensation claim. We know how hard it is for car accident victims to deal with their injuries and bills. 

FBD Law is here to help you with your case. Schedule your first free consultation with a New Mexico car accident attorney; we’ll review your case and guide you into the next step of the process.

Source: https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/las-cruces-woman-injured-while-teaching-son-how-to-drive/

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