Two Dead Following a Traffic Accident Near Lordsburg

Two people died following a vehicle accident near Lordsburg, on Interstate 10. The accident involving a semi-truck occurred on Wednesday, September 1st. The cause of the accident near Lordsburg is unknown at the time of this report.

A news report stated that a semi-truck traveled on the eastbound lane of Interstate 10 before having a rollover accident. The crash led to the death of two people whose identities have not been released. As a result, the New Mexico Department of Transportation closed the affected roadway from 3 p.m.

The crash also led to traffic diversion from Arizona to State Route 191, east of Benson. There is no additional information about the accident at this time.

Truck accidents are pretty common and can have severe consequences. However, when a truck accident involves a smaller vehicle, the passenger vehicle occupants are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries because of the truck’s size. When this happens, it results in injuries like broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, knee injuries, soft tissue injuries, etc.

In accidents of this nature, it is essential to know who the fault party is and who to sue. This is because there could be multiple liable parties in a truck accident. The first is the truck driver, who would be responsible if they were negligent when the accident happened. The second is the trucking company that hired the driver.

The company has liability where they knew of the wild nature of the driver. The third is the cargo loader if goods spillage led to the accident. The fourth is the truck manufacturer, who will be liable if a defective part caused the accident.

Identifying the fault party is challenging to do alone. So, contact experienced Albuquerque auto accident lawyers to help you with this and more.


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