Two-Vehicle Collision in Albuquerque Kills Two People

A collision in Albuquerque claimed the lives of two people. The collision occurred in the northeast part of the city on Sunday night, July 25th. According to the Albuquerque Police Department, speed might have played a role in the accident.

The APD responded to the collision in Albuquerque at the intersection of Louisiana Boulevard and Lomas Boulevard around 9:45 p.m. The preliminary investigation revealed that a Volvo SUV was northbound on Louisiana Boulevard and a GMC pickup truck headed east on Lomas Boulevard. A witness told the investigators that the GMC traveled at a high rate of speed since Carlisle Boulevard.

The witness also stated that the GMC pickup ran a red light before crashing into the Volvo at Louisiana Boulevard. The police said medics transported the Volvo’s male and female occupants to the University of New Mexico Hospital. The two later died due to their injuries.

Medics also transported the GMC pickup driver to UNM Hospital, and as of Monday morning, July 26th, the motorist was in stable condition.

The APD said speed and alcohol might have played a role in the crash. They wrote a warrant for the blood alcohol test of the driver. At this time, there has been no arrest or charge. The investigation is ongoing.

Speed and alcohol impairments are two of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Generally, it is a traffic offense for a person to drive when speeding or impaired. If pulled over by the police, the driver will get a citation and a ticket for the traffic violation. However, if an accident occurs, they will likely face a criminal charge and civil lawsuit for compensation.

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