Uncomfortable Questions Your Sex Crime Attorney Might Ask You

Facing charges for a sex crime is a serious thing and should never be seen as something easy that you can handle on your own. These accusations are serious and can change your entire life. Not only you can face prison time, pay high fines, but also you may never be able to find a decent job, apartment, go to college, and lose many privileges you had before.

A sex crime can involve anything from rape to sex with an underaged. Although the stigma of a sex crime is harsh and may follow you for the rest of your life, it doesn’t mean you should just give up without an aggressive defense. If you were recently accused or arrested for a sex crime, make sure to talk to a New Mexico sex crime attorney.

The lawyer will have to know every detail, so you can expect to get these questions from them.

Did You Ever Have Intercourse With the Declared Victim? 

This is the first and most obvious question that you can expect. If the charges against you include an allegation that you had nonconsensual sex with the alleged victim, your attorney must know if the intercourse was done with or without their consent.

Did You Have Any Type of Sexual Contact With the Victim? 

Not having traditional sexual intercourse with the alleged victim does not mean that you didn’t do anything. If you were engaged in any type of sexual contact with the person, your attorney must know about that. You may not have had actual traditional intercourse with the alleged victim. But, if you had any type of sexual contact with the person, the lawyer must know about this, because there will be some sort of physical evidence for that.

What Yype of Intercourse Did You Have With the Victim? 

The polite way of asking for specific details about sexual intercourse lies in these questions. Your attorney will likely ask for such details, not because they are curious, but because this is an important detail for your defense. Be sure to answer this question honestly.

Did You Play Any Sex Games With the Victim? 

Sex games can become dangerous even without intention. A sex crime requires the perpetrator to have the intention to harm the victim. If the sex game went off limits, your attorney should know, because if you didn’t have the intention to hurt the victim, could be your strongest defense.

Did Your Sexual Intercourse Involve Any “Rough Play?” 

Sometimes the sexual intercourse may become a little rough, but if you didn’t have the intention to hurt the victim, your attorney must know. If things started out as a “rough play” but got out of control, your attorney should know.

The line between rough sexual intercourse and abuse is very fine.

Did You Use a Condom? Did You Leave Bodily Fluids Near the Alleged Victim?

Even though it may seem irrelevant, this question is very important for various reasons. Your attorney should know if there is physical evidence inside the victim. When it comes to bodily fluids, your attorney should know if you have left any physical evidence near the victim (their body parts, bed, other furniture, car seats).

How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had in the Past?

There are strict rules about such questions related to the sexual history of a person (especially if they are the victim). But you as a defendant may expect to get such a question. The answer will only help your attorney to avoid any surprises in the further process.

What Is Your Sexual Orientation? 

Sex offenders may get this question. This question is asked because sometimes sex offenses occur as a result of someone’s sexual orientation or can be a hate sex crime related to the defendant’s sexual orientation.

How Old Did You Think the Victim Was? 

If the victim was underaged, but you firmly believed that they were legal, this could be helpful for your defense. You could have easily thought the person was older because of their way of talking, the clothes they wore, the way they look.  However, don’t lie to your attorney, if you knew that they were not legal.

Hire an Attorney

Having a lawyer by your side is the smartest thing you can do at this moment. Yes, there will be many unpleasant questions, but you have to be honest with your answers. Your honesty will help your attorney to create your defense. Our team at FBD Law is here for you.

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