Victims Killed in Hot Air Balloon Accident in New Mexico Identified

The authorities released the names of the pilot and two couples who died in a hot air balloon accident in New Mexico. The victims were riding in the hot air balloon when it struck a power line and fell onto a busy street in Albuquerque.

New Mexico State Police on Sunday identified the pilot as sixty-two-year-old Nicholas Meleski and the four passengers as sixty-five-year-old Susan Montoya, sixty-one-year-old John Montoya, fifty-nine-year-old Mary Martinez, and sixty-two-year-old Martin Martinez, 62. All of the victims in the hot air balloon accident in New Mexico were Albuquerque residents.

According to the state, Police John Montoya died at a hospital from his injuries while the other victims were pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Witnesses told the authorities that the balloon fell toward the ground around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and hit an overhead power line. The gondola detached from the envelope and dropped about 100 feet and struck the median of a busy city street before catching on fire, the authorities said.

Such tragedies are quite rare, but when a person gets injured in an unusual accident, it doesn’t mean they should just sit and not seek justice. It’s important first to get medical help, and next seek a personal injury attorney. With their help, you will know what to do next. Your attorney will review your case and will do their own investigation, including gathering witnesses’ statements.

It’s important to have a skilled attorney by your side because in moments like these it’s very likely that you’ll be confused, or still recovering from your injuries. Allow the attorney to negotiate and get you the best possible compensation claim that will cover your medical bills; in case a family member dies in an accident, their family will get the claim to cover all accident-related expenses.

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