What Are Civil Rights Violations?

Civil rights are the rights that citizens of a state or nation get to give them political and social freedom and equality. The rights protect individuals from infringement from the government, social organizations, and other individuals. However, despite the laws that the government has laid down, there are still those who violate other people’s civil rights.

Therefore, before you file a civil rights violation claim, you need to be sure that someone violated your rights. So, in this article, we will be providing you with examples of civil rights violations. If you discover that your case falls into one of these categories, it is of essence that you employ the services of a qualified civil rights attorney. Because the attorney understands the process, the journey will be less complex and more rewarding.

Examples of Civil Rights Violations

These are some of the most common examples of civil rights violations in New Mexico and the whole of the United States.

  • Discrimination in the Workplace

In New Mexico, anti-discrimination laws protect citizens against discrimination in five categories. These are race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Unfortunately, there are instances where people face discrimination at their places of work. For example, you might get compensation if you notice that your boss passes you up for a raise or promotion because of your religion.

  • Use of Excessive Force Unnecessarily

The law permits law enforcement officers to use force as a means of subduing or containing people. However, the law does not allow “ordinary” people or citizens to use force. Note that there are also strict “use of force” regulations on these law enforcement officers.

Sadly, several reports have reported that the police and other officers go too far in their “use of force.” For example, the police might use excessive force to arrest or calm an aggressive individual. In addition, some police officers employ guns, tasers, and pepper spray, leading to the individual’s injury; this is a violation.

  • Sexual Assault

This is one of the most common civil rights violations. Sexual assault, abuse, and harassment can happen to any gender; there is no limitation to a specific sex or gender. Sexual harassment could take place in the home, in schools, or at workplaces.

Most victims of sexual assault are afraid to report the violation because of fear of what the violator might do to them. Additionally, sexual assault victims face physical and emotional pain such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

  • Unreasonable Searches and Seizure

The law restricts the police in their ability to perform searches, arrest people, and take property as evidence. They need a warrant and probable cause before conducting a search, arrest, or seize property. Nevertheless, there are instances when there is an exception to these restrictions.

For example, if the evidence is at risk of being destroyed, the police may forego the need to get a warrant. However, when a police officer searches a person because they are black or seizes their property, that is a violation. Also, it is an abuse of power.

  • Housing Discrimination

Denying an individual a house or apartment for discriminatory reasons is illegal and violates the person’s civil rights. For example, it is okay to deny someone a house because they have a pet. But, when people decide not to give someone an apartment because of their color, you violate their civil rights. If an apartment officer prevented you from getting accommodation in the building because of your race, color, nationality, religion, etc., speak to a civil rights attorney.

  • Sex and Gender Discrimination

The issue of sex and sexuality is usually a sensitive conversation. People have varying ideas and ideologies about the topic. However, when you discriminate against a person because of their gender or sexuality, you violate their civil rights.

For instance, some people may deny members of the LGBTQ community certain services because they do not support their lifestyle. In addition, sometimes, because an individual is male, female, or non-binary, they do not get the same treatment as others.

Contact Us at FBD Law for Your Civil Rights Violation Case

Civil rights violation is a serious matter under the law. So, if you know that someone violated your civil rights, contact a New Mexico civil rights lawyer immediately. At FBD Law, we take on the powerful on behalf of the powerless.

Our well-equipped lawyers are more than willing to ensure you get the justice you deserve. We have a lot of recognitions and awards to our name. So, when you contact us, you can be sure of getting top-notch services. We offer free consultation and personal attention to our clients; do not hesitate to contact us today.

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