What You Need to Know About a No-Zone Accident

A no-zone accident is a type of truck accident. The term comes from a Federal Highway Administration program; this organization created a No-Zone Campaign as a warning to drivers to avoid the areas around trucks where accidents are likely to happen. When an accident happens because a driver was in this no-zone area, it’s considered a no-zone accident.

If you were involved in such an accident, make sure to get help from a skilled New Mexico truck accident attorney.

Where Are the No-Zones Around Trucks?

No-zone truck accidents usually include the following:

  • Right or left side no-zone
  • Front no-zone
  • Rear no-zone

Large vehicles like buses and trucks have big blind spots. This means the driver can’t see certain areas around the vehicle. If another vehicle drives in this no-zone, the truck driver won’t be able to see them, which could easily lead to an accident.

However, even in such accidents, other drivers are responsible for the accident, truck drivers too can cause them. The driver, for example, should turn their body to see a blind spot around their truck. If they don’t they will fail to see the vehicle.

How to Avoid a No-Zone Accident?

You should be careful and mindful of large trucks on the road and their blind spots. All sides of the truck have blind areas, so you need to drive carefully when passing or coming upon such a vehicle.

  • Give the large truck a lot of following distance.
  • Be careful when passing a large vehicle.
  • Remember that if you can’t see the driver’s face in their side mirror, they can’t see you either.
  • Never go into the blind spot, especially when the truck changes lanes, turns, or backs up.

Be Very Careful During Right Turns

When it comes to right turns, large trucks have quite a challenge to do that. First of all, they should wing left and while doing this, the driver can’t see vehicles that come from their right. When the truck is making a right turn, avoid passing the vehicle. It’s very dangerous if you try to fit your vehicle between the truck and the curb (it could lead to a severe crash).

Why Are Truck No-Zone Accidents So Serious?

Eighteen wheelers and semi-trucks are huge compared to a car or a vang. When these big trucks get into an accident, the outcome is severe in every meaning (damages and injuries). Often, these accidents end fatally.

These crashes are serious because the truck has no visibility as other drivers of smaller vehicles.

The truck needs a longer time to stop. Keep in mind that many trucks carry hazardous loads which could add to the severity of the crash.

It’s not uncommon for drivers to drive long shifts, without resting and sleeping. Driving when you’re sleep deprived is risky. These accidents can easily happen because the driver fell asleep or their reactions were slow because of fatigue.

These are heavy vehicles which makes them prone to rollover crashes.

Do You Need an Attorney if You Were in a No-Zone Accident?

It’s best if you hire a truck accident attorney after you were injured in a no-zone accident. No matter how the crash occurred, whether you or the truck driver contributed to it, your attorney will help you with your case.

It’s possible that the driver would blame you for the crash, and the insurance company would try to downplay your injuries and damages.

Keep in mind that truck drivers too can be at fault in a no-zone accident.

You should file a claim with the trucking company’s insurance and seek a settlement. This isn’t always easy, because naturally, insurance companies would work hard to deny or offer a low settlement. You may not even be aware that they are taking advantage of you (it could happen through very innocent questions related to the crash). Don’t answer anything before you consult with your attorney.

Your lawyer would gather evidence from the accident scene, calculate the full value of your damages, negotiate with the insurance company, comply with proof of your injuries, and will protect your rights during the entire process.

Having a lawyer by your side is a smart way to protect yourself from all the methods the insurance company would use to downplay you. Be sure to hire an attorney who has experience in no-zone accidents.

Get a free consultation with our attorneys at FBD Law; we work hard to obtain justice for our clients.


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