Why You Need a Lawyer in a Pre-Filing Investigation

A pre-filing investigation isn’t uncommon in some cases. If you are involved in a case that is investigated, you probably wonder whether you should hire an attorney. The answer is yes; the lawyer the moment the police start asking you questions will reduce the pressure off you. Many people fear (and with good reason) that they would say something they shouldn’t. The attorney will advise you and explain how to answer the tricky questions. Every word you say may be used against you in court.

If you were arrested, or the police are about to start asking you questions, it’s time for you to seek legal assistance from a New Mexico attorney.

Benefits From Hiring a Defense Lawyer

A New Mexico criminal defense lawyer can help you in many ways, including:

Advising You During Interrogation

When you’re going through an ongoing criminal investigation, the key is to say as little as possible. You don’t have to give information that isn’t asked for. Also, you should never admit that you did anything wrong. You have the right to remain silent according to the U.S. Constitution. Ask to talk to an attorney if you already don’t have one. The police questioning can be directed through your lawyer once you tell the law enforcement that you got your legal representation.

Correcting Incorrect Police Reports

The police will build a case so they can prosecute you. The facts may be reported in a way that won’t be beneficial for you. And even though the police should be objective, they are still people who form an opinion when doing the investigation. Your lawyer can discuss your case with the investigators in advance to make sure that certain inaccurate information is corrected before they make a police report.

Finding Helpful Witnesses and Evidence

Your attorney will interview favorable witnesses and will locate evidence. At this time they will see what witnesses and evidence won’t work well for your case. The favorable witnesses and evidence will support your defense and will be strategically used to defend your case before it even gets to trial.

Using the Law in Your Favor

You’d be surprised to know that higher courts are constantly reinterpreting the law. Your lawyer will be up to date with the latest court regulations. This will help them to ensure that the police carry their investigation according to the things that are currently allowed by law.

If the evidence is improperly collected, your lawyer can move fast to try and get the evidence thrown out, before it gets a chance to affect anyone, especially the jury members.

Negotiating with the Prosecutor

The prosecutors often file several charges in criminal cases. They expect that some or most of them will be later dismissed (especially during plea bargaining). Your attorney might be able to persuade an enthusiastic prosecutor from filing dubious charges against you. This will improve your chances that your other charges could be dismissed or reduced as your case gets closer to trial.

Dealing With Media

If you’re involved in a high-profile crime that will attract the public interest, you’ll have to deal with reporters showing up everywhere you go. They won’t spare you at all – you can expect personal questions of all kinds. The media can be especially overwhelming and you might easily get provoked and answer any of those questions. Your lawyer will handle any media question they ask.

Prearranging for Bail

In case you know that you’ll be arrested, your attorney can make arrangements for a bail bondsman’s service before that happens. It would save you time and money if they do this. Attorney related bail bonds are often charged with a lower fee. Your lawyer can also assist your release from custody by arranging the bail bond process to start as soon as possible. The faster you’re released, the faster you can return to your regular life. This will help you to spend more time helping your lawyer prepare your defense.

If you’re suspected of committing a crime (or your loved one has been arrested for a crime), don’t wait to hire a criminal defense attorney. Your chances to win your case increase when you have a proper defense. You won’t be able to complete the defense by yourself. Your attorney has the experience and knows what they are doing.

Here at FBD Law, we have worked on numerous criminal cases. We’ll gladly represent your case and prepare your defense. If you have any questions about your case, our lawyers are here to answer them all. Call our office and schedule your consultation. 

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