Wildland Firefighter Dies After Battling the Eicks Fire

The Eicks Fire claims another victim, as a wildland firefighter that was involved in beating back the blaze succumbed to his injuries.

The U.S. Forest Service stated that Tim Hart, a smokejumper who paradrops into steep terrain, died from the injuries he got while responding to the Eicks Fire that happened in southern New Mexico last week. Hart worked as a wildland firefighter since 2006.

Last week the West Yellowstone Smokejumpers Welfare Fund created a GoFundMe for Hart.

In such tragedies, the family needs to talk to a personal injury attorney. Even though firefighters are entitled to workers’ compensation and in case of death their family will collect the benefits, it’s a smart idea to hear a word from a lawyer who may advise you to take additional steps.

In cases of fire burn injuries, the victims will recover for a much longer time and in most cases, their injuries will prevent them from working as they used to. Burn injuries are serious and take a longer time to heal compared to injuries such as fractured bone for example.

Let’s not forget the emotional part of the whole thing. The trauma that a burn injury victim has may last for a lifetime. If the victim passes away, their family is facing a serious tragedy, especially if they were the person who was earning the most in the family. This is why a good attorney is necessary. They will advise you to file for pain and suffering settlement as well.

If you’re facing a tragedy of this type or got injured in a fire or sustained burn injuries in another way, call our office. Our team, at FBD Law, is here to review your case and guide you through the legal process. Let us stand by your side and help you get your deserved claim.

Source: https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/wildland-firefighter-dies-of-injuries-from-battling-eicks-fire-in-southern-new-mexico/6130116/

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