We have sought to obtain justice for individuals who have been harmed by the wrongful acts of others.

We have taken on the powerful on behalf of the powerless and defended individuals and businesses from government overreach.

Who We Are

The lawyers who founded our firm more than 40 years ago and who have joined our firm since share a belief in the law as a means to protect individuals, improve their lives and to resolve disputes justly. The power of the law is harnessed through zealous, skilled and careful advocacy. This is what we provide to our clients in civil litigation and criminal defense.


Awards & Recognitions

Our firm’s practice and its outstanding successes in both civil and criminal litigation led the National Law Journal to name the firm as one of 12 “hot” plaintiffs’ firms nationally in 2013 and to its inaugural “50 Elite Plaintiffs’ Trial Law Firms” in the country in 2014.