An Exceptional Firm

The lawyers who founded our firm more than 40 years ago and who have joined our firm since share a belief in the law as a means to protect individuals, improve their lives and to resolve disputes justly. The power of the law is harnessed through zealous, skilled and careful advocacy. This is what we provide to our clients in civil litigation and criminal defense.

We are known for our willingness to take on the powerful on behalf of the weak and to defend individuals and businesses from government overreaching.
An Exceptional Firm

Recognized by the National Law Journal as a small firm “in the desert mountains [that] is thriving on the national stage” and with a “public interest passion,” our law firm has a varied practice with a common element: employing the law and the judicial system to seek and obtain justice. We are a civil litigation and criminal defense firm practicing in federal, military and state trial and appellate courts throughout New Mexico, the United States and internationally, from municipal courts to the Supreme Court of the United States and foreign courts and tribunals. We have successfully represented our clients in many areas, including constitutional rights, personal injury, antitrust law, employment law, business disputes, professional licensure matters, securities law, FDIC and Office of the Thrift Supervision disputes and in FINRA arbitrations, security clearance issues and election law. We also have a strong emphasis on providing criminal defense and have successfully defended individuals and organizations in the US and internationally.

An Exceptional Firm
Our firm’s practice and its outstanding successes in both civil and criminal litigation led the National Law Journal to name the firm as one of 12 firms on the "Plaintiffs' Hotlist" nationally in 2013 and to its inaugural “50 Elite Plaintiffs’ Trial Law Firms” in the country in 2014.
The range of our work is reflected in one partner’s efforts on behalf of two prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to another partner’s role in anti-trust litigation and trials throughout the United States. Lawyers in our firm have successfully protected individuals and businesses from criminal prosecution, recovered significant verdicts in trials of business disputes and have obtained multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of people who were injured or killed by the negligence of others. We have brought and participated in major civil rights cases, including in the United States Supreme Court, in which our clients’ rights have been vindicated and the law changed. We have represented minorities whose voting rights were diluted, successfully sued a major, national broadcast media company for defamation and have successfully sued major government contractors for breaches of duties to small contractors and on behalf of an employee demoted and humiliated for political reasons. We are known for our willingness to take on the powerful on behalf of the weak and to defend individuals and businesses from government overreaching.

What Our Clients Say

Over the years I have presented many challenges to John Boyd and Nancy Hollander, none of which have presented obstacles too great to overcome. The level of combined intelligence, competence, creativity, and expertise has been remarkable. Having succeeded on every level in every engagement, there is not a legal team I would rather be working with in any future challenge that may present itself.

David Freedman is the best attorney I have known in a more than 40-year career in finance and investment management in which I dealt frequently with prominent attorneys in many parts of the country. I measure “best” not only in terms of his knowledge of the law, his creativity and his experience, but also in the energy he brings to his work and, above all, his obvious and heartfelt concern for his client’s well being. His work on my behalf stands out as one of the great experiences of my life.

...exquisite work on behalf of the class, including your superb court room presence...

Goldberg was the lead trial attorney in a class action that accused The Dow Chemical Co. of price-fixing, and a federal judge last year handed down a $1.2 billion judgment against the company.
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