An Exceptional Firm

Our law firm was founded nearly fifty years ago by a group of friends who shared a similar view of and dedication to the law:  That the law was an instrument to achieve justice by protecting the rights of individuals and constraining the excessive exercise of power by the government and other institutions in society.  We have focused our efforts on litigation, both criminal defense and civil litigation, to protect rights and liberties and compensate victims.  Our efforts have been recognized and rewarded and we take pleasure in the fact that two lawyers from our firm presently sit as United States District Court judges and two others presently sit as New Mexico appellate court judges.  One partner sat as a New Mexico Supreme Court Justice.  Most important, we held to our values and remain good friends.  While we are no longer taking on new cases, the four remaining lawyers are available to consult on significant matters of interest and help our colleagues.

Our firm’s practice and its outstanding successes in both civil and criminal litigation led the National Law Journal to name the firm as one of 12 firms on the “Plaintiffs’ Hotlist” nationally in 2013 and to its inaugural “50 Elite Plaintiffs’ Trial Law Firms” in the country in 2014.